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Telescope 望遠鏡
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Equatorial Mount 赤道儀
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Brief history of telescopes 望遠鏡簡史

Specification of telescopes at a glance 望遠鏡規格一覽

Space Boy / P2-Z is going to say goodbye Last 1 set in stock only
     Space Boy / P2-Z

P-2Z Equatorial Mount (discontinued)
赤道儀 (已經停產)


An EQ mount for eclipse chaser
P-2Z is designed for high portability with precision tracking, high loading capacity. High torque, low power consumption of HD-5 R.A. motor powered by 4pcs of A size battery. The level bubble which enables the polar alignment accuracy, polarscope illuminator an additional feature. This sophisticated equatorial mount can be used at all locations in the Northern &  Southern hemisphere.

P-2Z user report

Old version of P-2Z P-2S

P2-Z專為便攜性及高精度而設計. HD-5赤經馬達高扭力,低耗電,4A型號電池供電. 水平泡輔助修正極軸令對軸倍添準確. 極軸照明亦為一項附加特點. 這台卓越的赤道儀可在南北半球任何位置使用.


P-2Z的舊型號:P-2S (1986)

Specification of P-2Z 
R.A. slow motion 赤經微調 Motor or manual drive 
Dec. slow motion 赤緯微調 Manually 手控
Azimuth adjustment 方位較準 20°
Elevation  仰角 0~80°
Setting circles 定位度盤 R.A. 赤經 -10' increments 增量
DEC.赤緯 -2° increments 增量
Tracking accuracy 跟蹤精度 +/-5 arc seconds +/-5 弧秒
Loading capacity 載重 6kg (13.2lbs)
Gross weight including counterweight 毛重含平衡錘 7.4kg
Polar finder 極軸鏡 Built-in with 5' setting accuracy, scale pattern effective until 2015 with quick reference dial for N/S  內置式5' 定位精度, 2015年快速參考導盤,南北合用
Motor drive 馬達驅動 Sidereal rate 甯P速
N/S switching /南 置換
Slewing speed (R.A.) 赤經回轉速度 0 or 2x sideral 甯P速
Power consumption 耗電量 130mA

 E-mail: gesc@netvigator.com or call (852) 9638 3899 for details

ETX-90+FS-60C on P-2Z for astrophoto with FM-2 at f.l.788mm f/8.75

FSQ-106+P-2Z+FC-S wooden tripod w/brass weights 2kg, 3.5kg

Mewlon 180+P-2Z+aluminum tripod

Sky-90+P-2Z+original FC-S  wooden tripod w/long weight shaft