Meade 14" LX200GPS UHTC S-C Telescope (M14) 
Made in USA     

Meade 14" LX200GPS UHTC 折反射望遠鏡 (M14)



揉合傳統技術及研究等級於一身, 秉承 LX200GPS 系列的藝術結晶, 既可流動亦可作固定觀測, 包含 145,000 個天体, 零影像飄移微對焦座, 全球衛星定位較正 (GPS Alignment) 及高精度指向 Meade 14" LX200GPS 為高要求應用而設計, 適合流動或固定觀測用之極品天文儀器. 14 (35公分) 口徑提供強大的集光力, 12" 36% 或比 10" 96%. 其超高解像度及集光力將會使目視天文愛好者驚異, 並為天文攝影人仕提升到另一新境界Meade 14" LX200GPS 型號包括 12" 型號的特徵: 準確 GPS 較正; 使用 Autostar II 可快速地找尋 145,000 個天體; 4速零影像飄移微對焦座, 高精度指向準確度達 1 弧分; 快速按鍵控制器命令 聰明驅動軟件使 赤經、赤緯馬達驅動於 200 級速度; 超級穩定三腳架令這台研究級望遠鏡於任何地點架設.   
14" LX200GPS
的主鏡鎖配合零影像飄移微對焦座, 會消除一切對焦時產生的影像飄移. 而且在 GOTO 高速驅動時造成的主鏡震動更為明顯.
14" LX200GPS 規格: 14" S-C 鏡筒 (口徑 = 355mm, 焦距 = 3556mm, f/10) 修正鏡 MgF2 鍍膜, 主鏡、副鏡標準鍍鋁 (UHTC超高透光鍍膜 為標準配備 ); 主鏡鎖; 4速零影像飄移微對焦座; 重型乂式座架用 4 吋走珠軸承, 雙軸 5.75" 蝸牙, 7 埠多功能控制面板, 含兩個 RS-232 介面埠, 雙軸可以手動及電動操控; Autostar II 型操控系統含 3.5 兆主記憶體, 數位閱讀顯示, 永久可存程式 聰明雙輻驅動與 185 速調控雙軸, 高精度指向, 與 145,000 天體軟件; GPS 較正使用 16 頻道接收囂, 磁赤緯補償, 真水平及北方電子感應, 12 伏直流外接埠供電或 8 C 電池 (另購); 25呎汽車點煙插座電源 (另購); 8x50 尋星鏡; 2" 天頂反射鏡配 1.25" 目鏡座; 4000 系列 SP 26mm 目鏡, 巨型伸縮三腳架; 使用說明書.

 Meade 14" LX200GPS UHTC Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope 

Research-class aperture for the field or observatory combined with legendary, state-of-the-art LX200GPS features, including 145,000-object database, Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser, GPS Alignment, and High-Precision Pointing.

Designed for demanding applications, the Meade 14" LX200GPS is superior astronomical instrumentation for field or observatory use. The enormous light-collecting aperture of the Meade 14" LX200GPS gathers 36% more light than Meade 12" models and 96% more light than 10" models. The superior resolving power and light grasp produces images that will amaze the visual astronomer and take the astrophotographer to a whole new level.

Meade 14" LX200GPS models include all of the features of the 12" model: accurate GPS alignment; onboard 145,000-object database accessible in seconds through the Autostar II hand controller; 4-speed Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser; High-Precision Pointing to within one arc-minute; fast pushbutton slewing on both telescope axes, simultaneously, and at any of almost 200 drive speeds; Smart Drive in RA and Dec.; and, in addition, the rock-solid Meade Giant Field Tripod to allow rapid setup of this research-class telescope at any location one desires.

The 14" LX200GPS's primary mirror lock, in conjunction with the Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser, cancels any residual image-shift during focusing. In addition the mirror lock results in even more precise long-distance GO TO slews of the telescope, since the large mass of the telescope's primary mirror is locked in position.
Specifications: 14" Model LX200GPS—Includes 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube assembly (D = 355mm, F = 3556mm, f/10) with MgF2 coatings on the correcting lens and standard aluminum coatings on the primary and secondary mirrors (Ultra-High Transmission Coatings available
internationally); primary mirror lock; 4-speed Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser; heavy-duty fork mount, with 4"-diameter polar ball bearing, dual-axis 5.75" worm gears, and 7-port multi-function control panel, including two RS-232 serial interface ports; manual and electric slow-motion controls on both axes; setting circles in RA and Dec; Autostar II control system with 3.5-Megabyte flash memory, digital readout display, permanently-programmable Smart Drive and 185-speed drive controls on both axes, High-Precision Pointing, and 145,000-object onboard celestial software library; GPS alignment system with 16-channel GPS receiver, magnetic declination compensation, and true-level and North electronic sensors; 12v DC telescope power supplied from internal battery compartments accepting 8 (user-supplied) C-cells (optional 25 ft. cords are available for powering from auto cigarette lighter plug or from 220v AC); 8x50mm viewfinder; 2" diagonal mirror with 1.25" adapter; Series 4000 Super Plössl 26mm eyepiece; variable-height giant field tripod; operating instructions.


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