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Grand Eye Scientific Company (G.E.S.C.) was established in 1995. Under an occasional opportunity to deal with Japan Takahashi telescope company, our telescope business started. In 1996, we co-operated with the world's largest telescope manufacturer Meade Instruments Corporation as the first distributor in China, .

During the past years, we serve the general public, schools, univerisities, private sectors and government departments of Hong Kong. Thanks to the internet, our business spread over the five continents.

We aim to serve everybody on this planet as our slogan says: Ease? popularity of astronomy, serve the community

Once again, we would like to thank you for all customers who have contributed their effort to our growth.

We look forward to serving you all in the near future. 

Clear skies!


         巨眼天文儀器社 於1995 年成立。在一個偶然的機會下,

         訂購日本高橋望遠鏡及赤道儀 及後與全球最大望遠鏡 

生產商 Meade 合作 , 成為全中國首間經銷商,開始服務香港天文同好。

一直以來,全港各中小學,大專院校 、政府部門, 私人機 構及個別人仕

都是我 們的服務對象 . 我們的望遠鏡批發及零售業務,萌芽在香港,並透過互聯網,客戶遍佈全球五大洲。


並秉承我們的口號 : 普及天文 、 服務社群




80年代在香港曾經舉行過的「巨眼探穹蒼」觀星營 。顧名思義,用巨大的眼睛窺探宇宙,巨大的眼睛當然



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