FSQ-106EDX3, USA version comes standard with:
#5 coupling DT, #6 camera angle adjuster, #8 coupling TW,
(refer to left chart)#70 ocular adapter 2", #71L extension tube L, #13 2" sleeve, #14 coupling S, #46 1.25" ocular adapter

M31 taken with FSQ106

M31 1.9M

Please call 9638-3899 or email gesc@netvigator.com for latest price

FSQ-106EDX3 USA version HK$35600/RMB29180
include #5/6/8/70/71L/13/14/46
exclude tube ring

old version, comes with #10 coupling DT(same as #5 coupling DT in upper right chart)


Photo & Visual
Reducer 0.73X
Extender 1.5x

FSQ-85EDX HK$25700/RMB21070 with tube ring

* Premium double ED Petzval quadruplet design

* Focal length of 450mm and a photo field of 5.6X, built-in flattener which accept medium format CCD cameras or Digital SLRs

*Large heavy duty 72mm focuser accepts medium format CCD camera

*Built-in camera angle adjuster allows the camera to be rotated 360X

*The dedicated 0.73x focal reducer will transform the refractor to 328mm f/3.9, providing a field of view of 7X and a 40mm image circle

*High order of color correction produces outstanding images and extremely fine views

* Uses a newly designed Extender-ED 1.5x to increase focal length for high power viewing

  Reducer-QE 0.73x [TKA36580]

An optional focal reducer for FSQ-85ED reduces focal length from 450mm to 328mm. The focal ratio from 5.3 to 3.86, with an image circle of 40mm and a photo field of 7X. The accessory assemblies compatible with the Reducer-QE are available in the specific system-chart above.


# 1.5X ED Glass Extender [TKA37595] designed for the Takahashi Baby Q Telescope

# 2" Barrel


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