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* Meade 80mm f/6 ED Apochromatic Triplet Refractor for spectacular images free of any extraneous color.

* Lens is made of premium extremely low dispersion glass and is air-spaced for superior contrast & clarity.

* OTA has machined aluminum Crayford-style focuser and full extendable dew shield.

* Economic price ever obtainable at 80mm size

3X00 ASK

For crisp wide-field observing and imaging, nothing can beat a true triple-element apochromatic refractor (APO). This is especially true in astrophotography, where APOs have produced some of the most beautiful images of the heavens ever taken from earth. But not all APOs are created equal. Today¡¦s market is filled with semi-APOs (with two lenses instead of three) that don¡¦t bring all the colors to focus in the refractor. Thanks to a two-year design process and a triple objective lens made from the highest quality ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, Meade Series 5000 ED APO Triplets are virtually free of chromatic aberration (color fringing). This means they outperform the most expensive semi-APOs at a fraction of the cost. Expert observers will be delighted by the total absence of color fringing and the scope¡¦s textbook-perfect pinpoint star images. Even beginners will notice the breathtaking high contrast and resolution of a Meade Series 5000 APO. One astronomer commented that the Series 5000 APO ¡§kicked butt on my semi-APO that cost twice as much.¡¨ The scope is available as a stand-alone OTA, or as a

Easily attached to conventional tripod or dovetail atop EQ mount (diagonal & eyepiece not included)

* FAST FOCAL RATIO: At f/6, the focal ratio of this telescope is tailor-made for fast wide field astrophotography.

* PREMIUM ED GLASS: Meade uses the finest Japanese FCD1 ED glass.(Extremely Low Dispersion) This glass is created to achieve a very small change in refractive index with different wavelengths of light. This makes it the perfect choice for a fast, high performance optical design like the Series 5000 APOs.

* FULLY MULTICOATED LENSES: Meade broadband multicoated lenses ensure maximum light transmission.

* TRUE ED APOCHROMATIC TRIPLET: A true triplet optical design guarantees the textbook color correction you expect from a premium APO.

* FULLY EXTENDABLE DEW SHIELD/SUN SHADE: An essential accessory built-in to the design for your convenience.


Knife edge baffled minimize internal reflection thus enhance contrast

Lens diameter 80mm
Focal Ratio F/6
Focal Length 480mm
Objective 3 element apochromatic ED lens
Resolving power 1.78"
Limiting magnitude 10.8
Dew shield


Focuser 2"(50.8 mm)Crayford Focuser Adjuster,
Rotatable Design
Coating Fully multi-coated
Mount Dovetail Vixen type with 1/4" hold thread
Field stops 9 baffles
Tube diameter 4.9" (125mm)
Tube length 15" (381 mm) Fully Retracted
Weight 6.2lbs (2.8kg)




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