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MEADE ETX-LS-SC or ACF MAKUTOV CASSEGRAIN Telescope that can speak
152mm (6") Maksutov-Cassegrain
馬-卡電腦望遠鏡 會發聲的望遠鏡

ETX-LS-ACF 馬-卡電腦望遠鏡 152mm
Lightswitch Tecnology & Built-in CCD Imager

Meade - ETX-LS - ACF Telescope with LightSwitch Technology & Built-in Eclips CCD Imager
內 置 CCD 攝 像 頭 !

* The Meade ETX-LS features patented LightSwitch(TM) Technology for complete, stress-free user alignment.

* Superb quality Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) Optics for a professional level instrument at an affordable price.

* The Meade ETX-LS Astronomer-Inside(TM) provides a full audio/visual lesson guide to enhance your experience.

* Engineered with a built-in Integrated Sensor Module (ISM) which includes GPS and Level North Technology (LNT(TM)) sensors.

* The Meade ETX-LS includes the built-in ECLIPS^(TM) CCD Camera, able to capture and display images right at the scope - or store for later use!

* Autostar III with 100,000 objects database

ETX-LS6-SC HK$10,800.00

ETX-LS6-ACF HK$11,500.00

ETX-LT 6" 施-卡/ ACF 電腦望遠鏡 | LS6 之平價版
ETX-LT6-SC HK$7,800.00 | ETX-LT6-ACF HK$8,600.00



Meade ETX-LS. Thanks to its new LightSwitch^(TM) Technology, you simply turn it on and let it do the work. Inside a built-in Integrated Sensor Module (ISM) takes over the job and Global Positioning System (GPS) connects with overhead satellites to automatically recognize your telescope's position on Earth. Once this fix takes place, this means your telescope also understands the local time - without even looking at a watch! As silent as a cat on wheels, the Level North Technology (LNT^(TM)) sensors take over and the Meade ETX-LS seeks out two alignment stars and automatically begins charting out a "real time" night sky map in its memory banks for your own personal time and location.


Built on the foundation of Meade's superb Advanced Coma Free Optics in a size capable of revealing all the Messier objects and such a huge portion of the NGC catalog as to keep most observers happy for a lifetime, this telescope is going to offer outstanding planetary and lunar views at a professional level. What more could you ask? What's that you say? Eyes like a CCD camera? Then stop dreaming and take a look at tomorrow's technology... the built-in ECLIPS^(TM) CCD Camera. Now you can take vibrant, high-resolution, low-noise images of objects right at the telescope and view them on the spot using the scope's video output function. What's more, you can also store them on an SD card for later modifications - or sharing! Just exactly what does that mean? Can you imagine sending Grandma an email with a picture of comet you just viewed? Or how about an image of Saturn? For those who really like challenges, a built-in CCD camera means you can push the Meade ETX-LS beyond its visual limits by taking timed exposures of objects far fainter than the human eye can see - and revealing them right at the telescope before your eager eyes!

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