Nikon 30x80III Sightseeing binoculars  藝康 30x80III 觀光望遠鏡

This binoculars is suitable to use at outdoor amusement parks, sea shore, observation tower, scenic point or indoor use. It is operated with coin and would be very reliable even tough usage. Little maintenance is required during long use.
Special features:

PERISCOPE DESIGN-Nikon's original periscope design makes it easy to locate scenic highlights, without manually focusing.
FLEXIBLE VIEWING TIME-One-coin viewing time is conveniently preset at 90 seconds yet adjustable from one to five minutes.

OUTDOOR TOUGH-Airtight construction and long-life lithium battery enable installation and reliable operation in the remotest and hardiest places.

SPACE SAVER-Compact design with short eyepiece tubes lets Nikon fit where other binoculars won't, where space is precious.

COIN COUNTER-An attachable coin counter gives you instant revenue data (optional). 

          30x80 III Specifications      30x80 III 規    格

Type 種類

Periscope, airtight, indoor and outdoor use
潛望式, 密封, 室內外適用

Magnification 倍率


Effective diameter of objective lens 


Angular field of view (real)

1° 40'

Angular field of view (apparent)


Field of view at 1,000m


Exit pupil 出射瞳孔


Brightness 高度


Eye relief 眼視點


Focusing range 調焦範圍

150m to infinity  150米至無限遠

Interpupillary distance 雙眼間距

62mm (fixed)

Angle of elevation 仰角


Angle of depression 俯角


Rotating angle 旋轉角度

360°  (free)

Height of eye position 眼高度 1300mm
Viewing time 觀賞時間 Preset of approx. 90 seconds (adjustable between 1~5
Coin storage capacity 硬幣儲存量 Approx. 700 pieces  700
Power source for shutter drive
3V lithium battery (Panasonic BR-C)
鋰電池 (樂聲 BR-C)
Color 顏色 Ivory 象牙
Weight 重量 Approx. 42kg

Nikon 20x120 III Sightseeing binoculars  藝康 20x120 III 觀光望遠鏡

  • Large 120mm objective diameter and Nikon's original coating for bright image even in the dark
  • 20x high-power, easy-viewing binoculars
  • Sharp image realised by aberration compensation
  • Waterproof (filled with nitrogen (N2) gas), fog-free and dust resistance
  • Shock and corrosion-resistant structure
  • High-eyepoint design for clear field of view
  • Easy handling with 360° azimuth and -30° to +70° tilting
  • Height (with stand, binocular tubes in horizontal position) : 440mm
  • Rigid fixed-pillar stand (option) is available (height : 1,115mmm, weight : 26.5kg)

 More info

Nikon 20x120 III Specification     20x120 III 規    格

Magnification (x) 20
Objective diameter (mm) 120
Angular field of view (Real / degree) 3.0
Angular field of view (Apparent / degree) 60.0
Field of view at 1,000m (m) 52
Exit pupil (mm) 6.0
Relative brightness 36.0
Eye relief (mm) 20.8
Close focusing distance (m) 133.0
Weight (approx.) 15.5kg (telescope)
4.5kg (stand)
Length (mm) 680
Width (mm) 452
Type Porro


Fujinon 15x80 MT-SX Sightseeing binoculars  富士 15x80 MT-SX 觀光望遠鏡

100% made in Japan, nitrogen filled






Fujinon 25x150 MT-SX Sightseeing binoculars  富士 25x150 MT-SX 觀光望遠鏡

Fujinon 25x150 MT-SX Specification   25x150 MT-SX 規    格

Magnification (x) 25
Objective diameter (mm) 150
Angular field of view (Real / degree) 2.7°
Interpupillary Distance (mm) 60~70
Field of view at 1,000m (m) 47
Exit pupil (mm) 6.0
Relative brightness 36.0
Eye relief (mm) 18.4
Close focusing distance (m) 156
Weight (approx.) 18.5kg (telescope)
4.5kg (stand)
Max Width (mm) 365
Type Porro
100% made in Japan


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